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About Us

The Solution you Need and the Solution your Patients Deserve

A-S Medication Solutions (ASM) and it's affiliates are privately owned companies founded in 1968. ASM is the leading provider of on-site dispensing and currently services over 3,600 provider dispensing sites as well as several on-site close system pharmacies. ASM is registered with the FDA, DEA and licensed with all 50 states who focuses on a closed system distribution model capable of providing medications to both clinics and pharmacies at all levels. In addition, ASM is VAWD accredited with NABP, which validates a secure medical supply chain at the highest levels by the prestigious national association of boards of pharmacy. Finally, the ASM model allows for prepackaged medications to be sent directly to on-site clinics to allow for provider dispensing and improved medication adherence on all levels.

Drug Distributor Accreditation is for facilities engaged in the act of wholesale drug distribution. Accreditation is achieved after successfully undergoing a thorough criteria compliance review.


A-S Medication Solutions has earned NABP®‘s Drug Distributor Accreditation.

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® Drug Distributor Accreditation

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