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3 Things a Quality Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Can Do

Pharmaceutical wholesalers and redistributors play an important role when it comes to delivering medications and packaging them for efficiency and speed. Even if you’ve done orders for a pharmacy or your local pharmaceutical establishment, you may not be entirely sure how the chain operates. That’s okay! The pharmaceutical distribution and supply chain is a behemoth of logistics. Here are 3 things a quality pharmaceutical wholesaler will provide your clinic or pharmaceutical business.

Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

A Highly Efficient Supply Chain

If there were no wholesalers or redistributors, it would cost the US Healthcare system approximately $33-$53 billion each year. A huge reason for this is because the entire redistribution and wholesale industry has grown without the support or intervention of US Healthcare system. Meaning that all of the subsequent technologies surrounding highly advanced and complex logistics solutions was something they did not have to foot the bill for, it was merely the cost to stay competitive for wholesalers and redistributors.

The end result of that competition is a highly efficient and advanced supply chain which products move quickly through.

Helps Prevent Counterfeits From Reaching Shelves

A properly licensed wholesaler and repackager will have good standing with the FDA. For instance, A-S Medication Solutions is a verified accredited wholesaler distributor (VAWD), therefore the facilities under our management have the proper licenses that guarantee that we employ the proper protocols for handling and security. This ensures our clients get their orders in a way that is timely but more importantly safe.

Due to the nature of primary wholesalers and secondary wholesalers in the supply chain, it becomes much more riskier when there are drug shortages and secondary wholesalers tap into what’s known as the “gray market” to buy drugs for cheaper—often from other countries and take advantage of profit margins from obtaining them and reselling back in the US. We work with trusted vendors in the industry which is why many of our clients feel comfortable ordering from us.

Good Wholesalers Are Flexible

A good wholesaler can help places such as pharmacies receive their orders not only in a timely fashion but also receive medications with proper packaging and convenient, ready to use containers can save pharmacy technicians and pharmacists a great deal of time filling prescriptions.

This extra time and labor leads to savings which can give pharmacies a lot more flexibility in putting that revenue where it can help the business and customers best.

Another situation that is not thought of by those who aren’t in the industry is that during emergencies and disasters some medication shipments take a greater priority than others. Those who are suffering from illnesses or conditions that require daily medication to keep severe consequences at bay must not be let down during emergency situations.

Best Drug Wholesaler

A-S Meds is a national pharmaceutical wholesaler and redistributor with a proven track record. We are a verified accredited wholesaler distributor (VAWD). We are in good standing with the Food and Drug Administration in regards to our operations as well as our contributions to helping keep counterfeit drugs out of the supply chain to protect consumers.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our operations or ordering process.