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The Benefits of Onsite Medication Dispensing for Urgent Care Facilities

Patient prescription medication adherence can be quite poor in many circumstances. Primary non-adherence, or a situation where a prescription is never initiated or filled at a pharmacy, is the main cause of non-adherence. Much of it has to do with patient profiles. In the case of Urgent Care facilities, these are often patients who require prescription drugs sooner rather than later. Because of this, our Urgent Care onsite medication dispensing is an ideal solution that works for both providers as well as patients.

What are Urgent Care Facilities for?

If you live in a relatively populous area, you have most likely seen several Urgent Care medical facilities popping up in shopping plazas and other convenient areas nearby you. Surprisingly, many people do not know what these facilities are for and how they differ from a hospital or clinic.

The concept of going to the ER, or Emergency Room is a familiar one. However, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that healthcare in America is incredibly expensive for reasons beyond the scope of this article. Nonetheless, a visit to the ER can be expensive and it is difficult for patients to assess in the moment of injury or illness whether they should

onsite medication

onsite medication

Urgent Care facilities are like an in-between for a clinic and the Emergency Room. If you have an issue that you feel cannot wait but is likely not severe enough to warrant an ER visit, Urgent Care is a place you can go to.

An example of such conditions are:

  • A fever or flu
  • Potential tendon or ligament tears/muscular sprains
  • Unidentified skin rashes or potential infections
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Accidents and falls
  • Non-life-threatening cuts which may require stitches
  • Breathing difficulties

As you can see, many of these conditions will require some form of medicinal intervention in the form of pain relief, antibiotics, or other such standard prescriptions.

Consider then, the person that must drive themselves to an Urgent Care facility only to have to visit a pharmacy afterwards—while they are ill or injured, to get their prescription filled. It is a miserable experience and it delays the administration of medical care.

Who Benefits from Onsite Medication Dispensing?

In-office medication dispensing benefits both parties. The Urgent Care benefits from programs our turnkey onsite solution because we offer a simple program that will improve the physician and patient experience, as well as the experience of administrative workers.

The administrative bloat in the healthcare world is well known. The thicket of regulations, compliance demands, insurance verification, and general paperwork that must be filed for each patient eats up a lot of time.

On top of this, having to deal with pharmacies and go back and forth on behalf of patients can be a time-consuming ordeal. ASM’s onsite dispensing solutions can cut out the middleman and allow physicians to administer a full-healthcare regimen to their patients without pause.

This not only improves patient outcomes because they can begin therapy sooner, but it also introduces additional revenue for the Urgent Care facility as well. Of the 50 states, 46 of them currently allow for onsite dispensing by a physician.

Onsite Dispensing Prevents Being Undercut by Pharmacies

Many retail pharmacies have opted to increase their influence by allowing small clinics and providers to be on-site so that they too can dispense medication at the point of diagnosis. The bottom line is convenience and access, two things AS Meds provides with our onsite dispensing solutions.

Onsite Prescription Dispensing Solution

ASM offers competitive pricing through our cost-effective program so that both you—and thus your patients will be able to save money. The ability for onsite dispensing to save time for your patients, physicians, and administrative staff means that your office will be able to become more time-efficient and thus comfortably process more patients per day which will lead to revenue growth.

Receiving healthcare is already an uncomfortable and tedious process for most people, being able to visit an Urgent Care facility and quickly receive aid from diagnosis to prescription all in one location will guarantee repeat business.

For more information on our onsite dispensing program, contact us today!