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General Practice & Pediatrics

If you’re like most practices you spend more time writing prescriptions than the combined total spent for ordering labs, biopsies and even seeing patients. ASM provides you with an onsite, turn-key medication program that enables you bring your most highly demanded service in-house as an ancillary benefit. This patient centered program is an ideal fit for groups pursuing Triple Aim Initiatives or looking to transition into a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH).

Improve Adherence:

  • By providing a coordinated schedule of visits where medications are provided at the point of care you can guarantee adherence, promote the use of your center and encourage 90 day fills for chronic diseases. Many chronic medications are available for under $5.00 for a 90 day supply!

Increase Convenience and Access:

  • Differentiate your practice by providing a convenient and valued service to your patient population.

Empower your Practice:

  • 90% of medical therapies include the use of prescription medications. By bringing this service onsite you can more effectively coordinate the care of the patient, foster better understanding of their treatment plan and enhance the profitability of your practice.

Increase Access & Convenience:

  • Having medications available onsite eliminates the necessity for time consuming trips to the pharmacy and allows the patient to begin therapy immediately.

Educate Parents on Medication use:

  • Liquid suspension instructions are more often misunderstood than oral solids. Offering the medication onsite provides the physician with the opportunity to be the educator to the parent/patient on the medication itself as well as how to prepare the proper dose.

Differentiate your Practice:

  • Bring in an ancillary service which provides significant benefits to your time challenged customers, increasing satisfaction and uniquely positioning your practice.