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Community Health Centers (CHC)

For years, community health centers (CHC) have provided barrier-free access to medications by providing on-site pharmacy services to their patient population. Traditionally, however, only the highest volume CHCs have had the ability to do this in a cost-effective manner, due to barriers such as regulations, operational overhead and a shortage of pharmacy resources. ASM provides the perfect tools to eliminate these barriers, allowing you to develop an on-site medication dispensing program, extend pharmacy services to your satellite clinics or improve the efficiency of your current program, regardless of your clinic’s size.

Our program presents a broad formulary of AA- and AB-rated generics to fulfill your dispensing needs. 340B eligible entities can now efficiently provide patients in need with low cost medication before they leave the clinic, providing convenience for patients, while increasing therapy compliance.

Designed to improve the efficiency of community health centers, our turn-key program includes:

  • Prepackaged medications, eliminating the need to pour, count and package each prescription.
  • Software that can manage inventory, create records, run patient DURs, print pharmacy labels and much more.
  • Access to over 1,600 generic, brand name and OTC medications, injectables, creams, ointments, liquids and suspensions.
  • ePedigrees with each medication.
  • Same day shipment on most medications.

ASM provides comprehensive solutions for:

  • Hospital Health Systems utilizing satellite clinics.
  • Any 340B eligible entity utilizing a contract pharmacy.
  • Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH).
  • Community Health Clinics (including rural areas).