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Additional Services

Claims Adjudication

Our claims adjudication program is time tested and is backed by the most knowledgeable support team in the industry. Let us show you how we can decrease your number of claim rejection while increasing your utilization and revenue!

Reports & Analytics

We have the history and experience to provide you with the reporting and analytics that will put you in the best position to effectively manage and grow your business.

Workers Compensation

Our specialized dispensing consultants can design a program to help you achieve your Workers’ Compensation initiatives. They will work with you to understand the specific needs of your practice to help you implement the best program for you.

Regulatory & Compliance Support

By working with ASM you gain access to our team of regulatory and compliance experts, who can help you to navigate the often complex state and federal dispensing regulations, keep your program compliant and alert you to the legal changes that can affect your program.

Female professional pleased with Workers Compensation and Claims Adjudication

ASM is a licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler and repackager with the Food and Drug Administration. We are also a verified-accredited wholesale distributor (VAWD). As such, as defined by the National Association of Board of Pharmacy, you are assured that the facilities we are operating are validly licensed in good-standing, and are employing security and best practices for safely distributing medications to other institutions. We offer our medications with a product authentication assurance (“Pedigree”). The use of Pedigree products is an added benefit ASM brings to our clients. This process ensures the product is genuine and guarantees the quality of the medication being delivered to the patient. Our solutions are widely used by a number of highly regarded, leading healthcare providers and many esteemed medical clinics throughout the United States. We believe this is a testimonial to our unique dispensing solution, our pharmaceutical wholesale distributor abilities, our high-quality customer service, our competitive pricing, as well as our ability to bring in new medications upon client’s request. While ASM has greatly expanded our services, including our procurement and distribution capabilities, we continue to have an active partnership with Allscripts and other EMR and E-prescribing companies. This provides real-time access to multiple EMR companies as well as the capability to interface their systems with ours. Our extensive history in the industry, accompanied by our affiliation with one of the largest PBMs in the nation is what truly sets our services apart. Due to this we are also able to deliver client-focused, cutting-edge solutions with proven results.

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