Common questions about dispensing

1. Is it legal?
YES! Most physicians are allowed by law to dispense medications to their own patients, within the practice environment. There are only four states which prohibit physician dispensing (AR, MT, NY, UT) and three which have limitations (MA, NJ, TX).

2. How will medication dispensing benefit my patients?

  • Increases Convenience - No need to make an extra stop at the pharmacy, Strengthens relationships with patients
  • Increases Patient Satisfaction by providing valuable and desired service
  • Increases Confidentiality - consultations and prescription questions are answered in the privacy of their doctor's office
  • Increases Patient Compliance - 36% of prescriptions are never filled when patients are sent to a pharmacy to fill their prescriptions. However, when patients receive their medications at the point of care, there is no doubt the patient is leaving with their medication.

3. Is office dispensing a new concept?
A-S Medication Solutions is the leading provider of in-office medication solutions since 1986 and provides comprehensive prescription management and medication dispensing services. Currently, we partner with more than 17,000 client physicians nationwide providing added convenience, safety and compliance.

4. Do physicians need a special license to dispense medications in the office?
Each state has different regulatory requirements. It is the responsibility of the practice to assume state regulatory compliance; A-S Medications can assist you by providing the appropriate state board contacts.

5. How much will point-of-care medication dispensing cost my practice?
A-S Medications does not charge for installation or training and there are no upfront costs for inventory. Depending on which solution you choose, there is a one-time fee to use the software. The medications are invoiced at the lesser of the date dispensed to the patient or 90 days. Our goal is to ensure medication dispensing is cash flow positive from day one.

6. Does dispensing comply with state and federal drug dispensing regulations?
Yes, medications are bottled, safety-sealed, and labeled in compliance with federal and state regulations, allowing for efficient and easy on-site dispensing.

7. What is the profit potential for my practice?
The new revenue source can be very significant. As with any program, utilization is the key. We provide you with a personalized Proforma based on your customized formulary, number of daily patients and number of prescriptions per patient. This will more accurately predict your potential profit. We have clients ranging from $1,000 to $50,000+ profits per month, with an “average” profit of around $7 per script.
The practice earns all of the cash profit, the workman’s compensation profit and the managed care profit.

8. How confidential is medication dispensing?
Our PedigreeRx Easy Scripts medication dispensing solution follows HIPAA compliance and is compliant with all applicable privacy laws. This is covered in our standard business agreement under, "HIPAA Compliance".

9. How does PedigreeRx pricing compare with pharmacy pricing?
Self-pay Patients (Cash) - our low pricing will enable you to compete within your local marketplace to offer your patients both savings and convenience.
Third Party Payors - Through our adjudication process, while receiving their medication in office, your patients will be able to use their prescription coverage and will pay the same co-pay in your office as they would at the pharmacy, without the trip!
Worker's Compensation - Your patients won't have to pay out of pocket for their prescriptions at the pharmacy and wait for reimbursement. You can simply add the medication to the workers compensation claim.

10. Who can dispense medications in our office?
Each state has different regulations and restrictions; A-S Medication Solutions can assist you by providing the appropriate State Board contacts to consult to assure you are compliant.

11. What liability does a physician practice assume by dispensing at the point-of-care?
A practice basically assumes the same liability they assume by prescribing.

12. How does PedigreeRx Easy Scripts Dispensing Solution handle multiple physicians in an office?
Our industry-leading dispensing solution will allow you to setup as many users in the system as you require. Each user has their own username and password and the individual privileges can be managed by an administrator.

13. Will dispensing cause my malpractice premiums to increase?
Our experience is that malpractice premiums do not increase from dispensing medications.

14. Does our practice have to file insurance claims for medications dispensed?
No; whether a patient pays cash or would like to use their prescription coverage to receive an in-office medication, you will not have to file insurance claims for medications. If a patient would like to use their insurance, we will adjudicate your claim electronically through our unique claims scrubbing process. A-S Medications also offers the option to bill your workers compensation claims for you, including the patient visit.

15. How much space is required for dispensing?
This depends on the size of the practice and how many medications are in your formulary. We suggest that storage range from a cabinet on the wall to a walk-in closet. Some states have specific regulations on how to store the medications. We can assist you in identifying the specific regulations that you need to be compliant in your state.

16. Are the prepackaged medications supplied as starter or full-course therapies?
Our medications are supplied as both full course therapy and as starter doses. If your practice does order starter doses, our partner company, SavRx can do mail-order to fill the remainder of a script over the 90 day period.

17. How does our practice determine which medications to offer and how do we order?
A-S Medications will work with your practice to develop the right preferred medications list. We also have our own preferred medications lists for specific types of practices that you can use to assist in determining which medications to have on-hand.

Ordering the medications is completely automated. We will work with you to determine your minimum levels for the first order; thereafter, our system will automatically order the medications to maintain the established inventory levels. However, if you need to order additional meds, you can log onto our website with your username and password, and order medications directly through A-S Medications.

18. Can A-S Medication Solutions provide any medications our practice chooses?
With over 2,300 medications, A-S Medications offers one of the largest product lines in the industry, offering brand and AA-rated generic products, OTCs, as well as injectables, vaccines, topicals, liquids and refrigerated items.

19. How does our practice set up pricing for the medications?
A-S Medications will conduct an analysis of medication prices in your area on a periodic basis to update your formulary and ensure prices remain competitive on a go-forward basis.

20. Should our practice worry about theft from our staff? What protects us against this?
A-S Medication Solutions suggests that all medications be stored in a locked cabinet or closet with limited access. We also suggest performing routine inventory checks to make sure they match up with the records in our system. Our PedigreeRx reporting suite offers a variety of inventory reports that will assist you to manage your inventory.

21. Why should our practice purchase prepackaged meds?
Pre-packaged medications are a safe way to provide point of care added convenience to the patient while improving healthcare and driving additional revenue for the physician's practice. PedigreeRx Easy Scripts offers only the highest quality, AA-rated, brand and generic medications, prepackaged in prescription labeled, unit-of-use sizes. All of our medications are induction sealed with tamper-evident foil safety seals which undergo an 80+ step quality assurance process at our 40,000 square foot facility. We warrant what is on the label is in the bottle.

22. What happens if there is a product recall from a drug manufacturer?
The PedigreeRx Easy Scripts system will notify you of any recalls, providing the specific lot number of that product. Through our reporting suite, you will be able to run a report of all patients that may have received that medication. You can then send these recalls back to our repackaging facility*.
* Following the specifics based on your individual contract

23. Who does our practice call if we have problems with software, medication delivery or regulatory questions?
A-S Medications provides dedicated live support teams 24/7/365 for any questions the client may have.

24. What are my practice's options for offering refills to our patients?
Your patients have the option to choose where their prescription goes. The patient can call in and stop by the physician's office, get it filled during a routine office visit, have it sent through mail order, or sent to a pharmacy of their choice. It is an added benefit allowing the patient to return to the physician's office to pick up their current prescriptions in case there are any questions the patient has about the medication.

25. Does PedigreeRx Easy Scripts software allow our practice to participate in the Economic Stimulus program for pharmaceuticals?
Yes, PedigreeRx Easy Scripts is connected to any e-prescribe which gets the economic subsidy.

26. What printer does our practice need?
A front-loading, laser printer is best. A-S Medications can recommend different printers based on your workflow and IT infrastructure needs.

27. Can you compete with the discount stores plans?
Yes, we will work with you individually to design a strategy to do this.

If you happen to have your own unique question, please submit your question here and we'd be happy to answer it for you.