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Who is A-S Medication Solutions LLC?

A-S Medication Solutions, formerly Allscripts Medication Services Group, is the pioneer in medication dispensing solutions with over 20 years of experience, and 17,000 client physicians worldwide. A-S Medication Solutions has teamed up with Sav-Rx - the best-in-class, international pharmacy benefit manager, with over 40 years of experience, to create the FASTEST, MOST RELIABLE DISPENSING SOLUTIONS available ANYWHERE in healthcare today!

We are focused on physician dispensing...

A-S Medications only provides the highest quality, A-rated generic and brand name medications, shipped within 48 hours from our own 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art repackaging facility in Libertyville, IL.

We also provide our client physicians with a full adjudication, real-time monitoring and scrubbing system that will help expedite the dispensing process by avoiding potential third party claims issues before they arise.

Our PedigreeRx Easy Scripts dispensing solution now provides Mail Order! Contact our CEO, Walter Hoff at 888-990-6510, to find out more about this great new addition.

See our Quality Service Guarantee for more information about A-S Medication Solutions LLC.

A-S Medication Solutions LLC is the only company that can provide a complete solution.

At A-S Medication Solutions, our ultimate goal is PARTNERSHIP.
We believe we can help your practice by:

  • Improving the quality of care for your patients
  • Increasing overall patient satisfaction
  • Creating new revenue streams for your practice
  • Limiting the complexities and risk
  • Quickly adjudicating third party insurance claims
  • ...and much more!!

A-S Medication's Solutions include:

  • PedigreeRx Easy Scripts- Web-based dispensing and third party adjudication software
  • PedigreeRx Easy Scripts CASH- Cash dispensing with web-based software & inventory management
  • Easy Dispense - Cash dispensing without software
  • Touchscripts (7.X & 4.3)