A-S Medication's COMPLETE Solutions

Only A-S Medication Solutions, the leader in physician dispensing, provides a Complete Solution for all of your prescribing needs.
Our solutions help to handle all types of patient medication needs, improving their health care and saving them time and money while creating additional revenue for your practice. We do it ALL...

Now Providing Mail Order! Contact our CEO, Walter Hoff at 888-990-6510, to find out more.

Cash Claims:

  • Quickly and easily dispense medications at the point-of-care for CASH
  • Pharma Manufacturer discount coupons are accepted:
    • Take advantage of the growing number of discount coupons for your cash patients which save your patients money and helps with drug compliance
    • Only A-S Medication Solutions has the ability to not only handle cash claims, but also save your patients money by electronically adjudicating discount coupons
  • We help you set your pricing
    • Using the most current data in local areas through our extensive pricing database

Third Party Claims:

  • Featuring real time, claim-scrubbing - A-S Medication Solutions does all the work
  • With fast and easy-to-use, web-based software (PedigreeRx EasyScripts )
  • ASM has more Payor connections than anyone else in the industry
  • We are experts in making sure your reimbursements are appropriate

Workman Compensation Claims:

  • Our newest program is truly unique
  • Make up to $150 per patient visit
  • Complete, automatic billing and collection to Workman Compensation payors
  • More information on this new solution, coming soon!

Our Web-based Dispensing Solutions Offer:

  • No inventory carrying costs
  • Greatest selection of highest-quality, prepackaged Brand and Generic medications
    • Including liquids, vaccines, over-the-counter medications and injectables
    • Pedigreed for your patients' safety
    • Formulary development unique to the medications most commonly prescribed
  • Can handle 340B Clients
  • Inventory management with automated reordering to ensure medications are always on-hand
  • Complete payor contracting and credentialing services
  • The fastest, most modern, web-based dispensing software available
  • Consulting in workflow for fast, reliable dispensing
  • Automated DEA and regulatory reporting
  • Full adjudication capabilities to handle all of your third party claims
  • Ability to connect/interface to your current EHR or e-prescribing system

The A-S Meds' Value Proposition:

  • Make up to $6-$10 or more per prescription dispensed
  • Make up to $150 per patient visit with our new Workman Compensation solution
  • All backed by the highest quality, largest medication selection plus Pharmacy Benefits Management with over 20 years experience in the business.
Find out how A-S Medication Solutions can boost your patients' overall satisfaction while increasing revenue for your practice, by contacting us today!