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Welcome to A-S Medication Solutions, LLC

Company Highlights

  • A-S Medication Solutions is the only company that has the capability to provide not only end-to-end solutions for on-site dispensing programs but also complete medication management solution.
  • We carry only the highest quality AA-AB rated bio-equivalent generic and brand medications with complete product assurance.
  • Our product catalog is comprised of over 2,500 SKU’s including brand name and OTC medications, injectables, creams, ointments, liquids and suspension.
  • Our highly talented team of clinical pharmacists, account managers and customer service representatives have the industry knowledge and operational expertise necessary to provide you with all levels of support and program optimization. They can provide you with industry specific formulary recommendations, formulary substitutions and therapeutic class analysis to tailor programs to the individual needs of each of our clients.
  • As the nation’s largest dispensing company, we are able to offer highly competitive pricing coupled with the analytical capability to ensure the strategic and financial success of your program goals.
  • Our affiliation with Sav-Rx, a leading independently owned Prescription Benefit Manager (PBM) brings you all the capabilities of a full service PBM (mail order, on-site pharmacy and nationwide pharmacy expertise) and provides us with the additional backing to further improve your savings, decrease prodigality and meet and, in most cases, exceed your strategic goals and objectives.
  • We specialize in developing custom medication dispensing programs designed to solve our customers’ biggest problems. We have the industry expertise to handle all types of transactions from third party adjudication and workers comp to copay coupons, mail order and cash transactions enabling us to offer complete benefit packages.
  • We provide clients with comprehensive analysis of the cost and effectiveness of current plan design and help practices develop improved formularies as well as recommend designs of their clinics. These services help achieve even better level of quality of care to the patients at very affordable costs. For even greater level of care, a lot of our clients are also taking advantage of additional services we offer, such as mail order, brand management programs, 340B solutions and other successful programs offered by our sister company Sav-Rx.
  • Our industry leading proprietary software, Pedigree Rx, is a simple turnkey, web-based dispensing platform. It allows for electronic management of your inventory, provides you with a suite of reporting tools and has a host of additional capabilities, like our unique real-time 3rd party claims scrubbing, that can further enhance your dispensing program.The platform can also be interfaced to communicate with a majority of EMR systems.

We offer flexible ordering options via web, phone or fax and our 24 hour customer support team is always available for you!

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