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Employer Health

A-S Medication Solutions is the leading medication management provider to employer health clinics. With over one thousand employer health sites, our clients are present in many of the largest global companies with operations in the United States, as well as a lot of federal, state and municipal agencies. Our Low Cost Dispensing Program, with its sophisticated technology, allows the A-S Medication Solutions to continue to be successfully deployed by midsize and small companies and government agencies as well.

A-S Medication Solutions medication management employer health clinic solution is the most comprehensive on the market and includes:

  • Largest selection of Brands, Generics, OTC, Specialty, Vaccines and Injectable products.
  • Clinical pharmacists and analytical support professionals for plan design and formulary management.
  • Mail order supplement to the on-site dispensing.
  • Large retail pharmacy network.
  • Successful brand management programs.
  • Clinical formulary and medication therapy management programs.
  • Specialty pharmacy.
  • Advantage of using 340B pricing both on-site and by mail order.
  • Eligibility management and electronic claims processing.
  • Proven electronic dispensing technology compatible with EMR systems.
  • Comprehensive and usable reporting capabilities.
  • Transparent pharmacy services administration pricing.

The ASM solution is a complete medication management program designed to help our clients streamline and improve the quality of patient care and provide an excellent framework for controlling medications costs not only for employers but payers and patients as well.